To Enhance Equity in Transportation Services by Providing Dial-a-ride System

Wen-Zhao LI, Xiao-Kuan YANG


This study is trying to give the top concern to the vulnerable people from transportation point of view. The very reason to initiate dial-a-ride system for the vulnerable group is to enhance the equity in transportation service. Dial-a-ride is a type of transportation service in paratransit system which consists of reservation, specialized vehicle delivery, professional care and other relative services for the vulnerable people. The vulnerable groups in Beijing are quite large but the existing public transit can’t come up with good services for them. Therefore this paper attempts to explore the build-up of dial-a-ride service system for disable people from the following five aspects: budget, system planning, training for operators, policy and publicity. It is our responsibility to make the vulnerable group enjoy the convenient services provided by civilized society. Apart from that the group can be treated equally in their choice of travel means. It is believed that dial-a-ride will become a part of our urban public transit systems and function as a demand-response system for fulfilling the travel desire of vulnerable group.


Dial-a-ride, Vulnerable Groups, Equity.


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