A Research on the Impact of Humble Leadership on Employees’ Voice Behavior

Yuan-Yuan LIU


Humble leadership is a new researching direction in the field of leadership, the effectiveness of humble leadership behavior has been proved, but how it influences employees’ concrete behavior still needs to be further discussed. This study explored the influence mechanism of humble leadership behavior on employees’ voice behavior on a matched sample of 213 employees. In particular, the article tested the mediating role of organizational psychological ownership (OPO) and the moderating effect of Zhongyong thinking. The results of analyses show that: humble leadership has a significant positive effect on employees voice behavior; OPO partially mediates the relationship between humble leadership and employees’ prohibitive voice behavior and promotive voice behavior; Zhongyong thinking negatively moderated the positive effect of humble leadership on employees’ prohibitive voice behavior and promotive voice behavior.


Humble leadership, Voice behavior, Zhongyong thinking, Organizational psychological ownership.


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