Research on Investment Benefit Evaluation and Measurement Method of Power Network Engineering Considering the Power Supply Capacity and Load Variation

Yu-Hong FAN, Wei ZHANG, Jin-Peng LIU, Qian-Ru YANG


With the increasing scale of power network engineering project investment, project investment benefit analysis has been paid high attention. With “new electric change” constantly promoting and deepening, the enterprise investment cost analysis and profit evaluation are an important part of scientific decision, and project investment benefit analysis is an important support for enterprise operation and development planning .This paper puts forward investment benefit evaluation and measurement method of power network engineering considering the power supply capacity and load variation, based on fixed assets replacement and decomposition of substation capacity to build power network investment benefit evaluation of apportion coefficient on different voltage grade, considering the unit increase supply benefits under different investment scenario econometric model, and make a contrastive analysis of different treatments to provide reference for scientific evaluation and measurement of large-scale power network engineering project investment benefit.


Network engineering, Investment benefit, Assessment, Measurement.


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