Research on Network DEA Model and Efficiency Measurement of Three-stage Dairy Supply Chain

Zhi-Jian GUO, Jun-Hua LIU, Hong LI, Lian-Lian HUA


The operation behavior of the supply chain at all stages and the supply chain relationship based on input-output relationship were clarified through analysis of the three-stage supply chain network structure and the operation mode of each stage. In order to measure the efficiency of three-stage dairy supply chain, the network DEA model was constructed, and the supply chain of 29 Chinese dairy enterprises was studied. The total efficiency of three-stage dairy supply chain under DEA model was calculated. The relationship between the total efficiency and the efficiency of each fraction was introduced. By using the envelope model, the frontier was obtained and the corresponding measures were put forward to improve the efficiency of the three-stage dairy supply chain.


Dairy supply chain, Network DEA, Efficiency measure, Frontier projection


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