The Reform and Practice of Adult Higher Education Schooling Running Mode

Yong-Jia QI


Along with the economic globalization and speeding up and continual readjustment of the industrial structure and employment structure education internationalization advancement, society's demand to the adult education increases day by day, the schooling running mode of adult education is facing the daunting challenge, is facing also the recent development opportunity. In order to adapt to the new situation of adult education development by leaps and bounds, must ponder the adult education by the idea of innovation, explores the reform of schooling running mode, strengthens the adult education talented person's quality request, making it adapt to the society to need with the historical development. This research union current adult higher education situation and my school reality have carried on the thorough exploration to the adult higher education schooling running mode, and to the reform and work together practice positive result of my school adult higher education schooling running mode recent has carried on the comprehensive summary.


Adult education, Reform, Practice, Mode of running a school.


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