The Construction of the Cultural Subjectivity of Chinese Music

Zheng-jie BAI, Wei-fang LI


With the trend of globalization, especially cultural interaction and integration, the development of Chinese music has welcomed unprecedented chances and opportunities. However, under the increasingly aggressive import and infusion of western cultures, the problem of sustainable development without losing one’s national traits cannot be underestimated. Therefore, with an attempt to promote the stable and scientific development of Chinese music, the author of this paper suggests that it is necessary to construct the cultural subjectivity of Chinese music. It is argued in this paper that by strengthening the conception of cultural identity, deconstructing the misbelief of West-centralism, highlighting the cultural nationality and perfecting the theoretic system building, the scientific development of Chinese music characterized by its own national uniqueness will be enhanced.


Chinese music, Construction of cultural subjectivity, Soft power, Globalization.


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