Research about the Management and Countermeasures of Science and Technology Service Industry in Jinzhou New District Of Dalian

Li ZUO, Ying-ying SONG, Yun-he LI


With the advent of the Internet era, most of the developed western countries energetically develop science and technology(sci-tech) and see it as a basic national policy, and attach great importance to the function of sci-tech intermediary which in the connection between sci-tech and economy, improve national innovation capability, accelerate high-tech achievements transformation in the process. China also thinks highly of the development of S&T service industry, admittedly, the development on this field started fairly late in Jinzhou New District Of Dalian, but in recent years it has made rapid progress, according to preliminary statistics, there are a total of 30 business organizations engaged in intermediary services in Jinzhou New District, which involving government procurement agent, accounting, auditing, legal services, asset evaluation, engineering cost consulting industry. But the sci-tech service system construction still exist some problems in Jinzhou New District, for instance, the management system is unclear and the scale generally smaller than others, the low quality personnel and it’s like. This paper mainly studies the S&T service industry in Jinzhou New District and puts forward some suggestions and countermeasures, which is of great significance to establish and improve the new sci-tech service system, and enhance the ability of regional innovation and entrepreneurship.


Science and technology service industry(S&T service industry), Science and technology (sci-tech) intermediary, Service system.


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