Research About the Guarantee Mechanism of the University Students' Entrepreneurial Base in Dalian

Li ZUO, Ying-ying SONG


That students start their own business has increasingly become an important way to solve the employment problem, however, in reality, college students’ venture level is not satisfactory, either many new college students’ start-ups like flash in the pan, being lost in many enterprises, or barely was supported by follow-up development momentum. However, college student’s entrepreneurial base appears to provide the resources and services for university students' innovative undertaking, effectively reduce the risk and improve the survival rate of start-ups. In this paper, we analyze the actual situation of Dalian City over recent years in the construction of college students entrepreneurial base. A mature and perfect, realistic guarantee mechanisms should be built, so as to effectively promote the rational operation of the entrepreneurial base of Dalian, solve the employment problem of students, and enhance the rapidly economy development of Dalian .


Students' innovative undertaking, Guarantee mechanism, Entrepreneurial base


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