Reform and Explore on Innovative Talent Training Mode in Universities

Li-Hong DAI, Yong ZHANG, Shao-Chuan XU, Yu-Kun WANG, Hong-Xing SUN


In today's network era of information explosion, talent cultivation is the key, and cultivating innovative talents is the core, to improve the competitiveness of the country. To comply with the national and social development and the need of the times, the reform on innovative talent training mode is imperative. The issues of cultivating innovative talents on the traditional education concept and education system were analyzed. The innovative talent training mode in universities has been reformed and explored. Basic education and university education are combined; multiple disciplines are overlapped and integrated, which can promote all-round development of students' knowledge, quality and capacity. Student-centered heuristic teaching mode, teaching methods of strengthening the interaction between teachers and students, modern distance education and teaching means are adopted. Tutorial system for undergraduates are adopted; scientific research projects and practice are used to stimulate students interest in learning; evaluation system is reformed; the credit system is optimized; students are guided to learn autonomously; campus environment of innovative talents cultivation is built, which have constructed new ways of innovative talent training.


Innovative talents, Training mode, Modern distance education, Tutorial system


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