The Regional Construction of China in German Civic Education Publications

Johannes BAUMANN, Jie-ping FAN


Using the example of the most influential serial in the field of civic education in Germany (IzpB) this article is aimed at one of the central questions as raised by intercultural hermeneutics: Do images of the other rather emphasize familiar or unfamiliar aspects of another culture? [1] The analysis as outlined in this paper – both of the regional discourse and the figure part in those seven IzpB issues dealing with China exclusively (released between 1961-2005) – reveals two aspects: first, a distinct focus on a comparatively small regional selection and second, an emphasis on exactly those regions that – for disparate reasons – already seem to be familiar to the majority of the representatives of the external perceiving culture.


Image of Another Culture, China, Germany, Outside Perception, IzpB, Bpb


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