To Research of the Relationship between Resilience and Attaching Types of Undergraduates

Hung-wei FENG, Meng-jia ZHU


It could be argued that mental resilience can provide a new thinking and paradigm for college students who suffer from in adverse situations based on many psychology researchers’ studies. Objective: Aim to investigate and analyze the present resilience situation of college students. Explore to research of the relationship between resilience and attaching types of undergraduates. Meanwhile, this study provides some theoretical support for higher education. Methods: 450 undergraduates completed Resilience Scale and attitudes’ relationship-questionnaire in Guizhou University of Finance and Economics. Results: (1) there is a significance between high score group and low score group in resilience. (2)Through the survey we could found that the students’ resilience shows significance in gender. (3)There is significance in students’ resilience between single parent families and non-single parent families. (4)The undergraduates’ resilience is correlation with four attaching types. (5) The undergraduates’ attaching type could be utilized to predict their resiliency strength.


Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Undergraduates, Resilience, Attaching Types


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