Evaluate the University Education and Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Current Status of University Students Employment

Qingzhu Zhou


Along with the scientific and technological development and social and economic progress, there is an increasing demand for technical talents. Therefore, so as to help more students get better jobs, many schools have established a new teaching model and transformed from theoretical teaching to applied teaching model so as to cultivate the applied talents that conform to the demands of social development. As this new model still exists at the exploration stage, it still remains unclear whether it can enhance the employment rate of college students. However, from the perspective of the specific practice, such teaching model is very feasible. In light of the current status of university students employment, this paper offers an exploration into university education and teaching reform with a view to increasing the employment rate of university students and advancing the educational reform in universities.


University Students Employment; University Education; Teaching Reform

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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