Nighttime Cultural Consumption Demands and Suggestions for Improvement in the Old City of Beijing

Wen-jing FAN, Si-jia HUO


The Old City of Beijing is the core area that reflects the ancient capital culture. With the development of nighttime economy, nighttime cultural consumption in the Old City is becoming an important way to promote the cultural value of the Old City and show the charm of the ancient capital. In order to promote the upgrading of nighttime cultural consumption and create a better consumption environment in the Old City, this paper conducted online and offline research on nighttime cultural consumption demands in the Old City. Based on the characteristics of night consumers are younger, the survey data mainly came from young people aged 18-40. It reflected the demands of younger groups for nighttime cultural consumption in the Old City. Through the research feedback and problem analysis, the paper put forward suggestions from five aspects to enhance the nighttime cultural consumption in the Old City, including beautifying the night scene of the Old City, cultivating night tour brand, innovating food experience, expanding the publicity channels, and inheriting the classic by relying on modern technology.


Old City of Beijing, Nighttime cultural consumption, Demand, Improvement suggestion


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