Construction of Online Teaching Quality Guarantee Model in Colleges during the COVID-19 Epidemic Based on PDCA

Wei LI, Shi-qian GU


Under the influence of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education organized colleges to conduct online teaching called “Suspend Classes but to Continue to Learn Initiative”. While implementing this Initiative, we found that it was challenging to guarantee and improve the teaching quality. In order to improve the teaching quality, this study constructed Online Teaching Quality Guarantee Model in our university that is located in the South China. The construction progress of this model is: First, analyzing the components of online teaching quality assurance in colleges, then taking Jinan University as an example to carry out action research. Two rounds of action research were implemented. The first was to build a model 1.0 based on the concept of "Internet + Education" and PDCA (Continuous Improvement Spiral), then applied this model to Jinan University, following that the author conducted a questionnaire survey on teaching quality, understanding the online teaching effects and influential factors contributing to teaching quality. In the second round, the author improved model 1.0 to model 2.0 based on the results of the first round action research results. Model 2.0 is a closed-loop system that includes "Decision-Operation-Monitoring-Improvement". The system takes the flexibility and the improvement as ultimate teaching goal, and focuses on the online teaching components and relationship structure during the COVID-19. Finally, the study proposed a continuous improvement path for online teaching quality guarantee model in Colleges during the COVID-19 Epidemic, with a view to providing a reference for the sustainable development of online teaching quality assurance in Chinese Colleges.


Quality assurance, Model, Online teaching, COVID-19, Action research


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