Exploration and Practice of Synchronous-asynchronous Online Blended Teaching Mode

Qiang YUE, Zhong-yu HU, Yong-gang XIE


Blended teaching method is a popular teaching method in universities. As a required course for all kinds of majors in universities, the computer foundation course plays a fundamental role in the program of cultivating talents. It is of great significance to explore a new online Blended teaching mode for improving the quality of online teaching. Taking the online teaching of "University Computer Foundation" course of Kunming University as an example, this paper introduces the implementation process of online teaching in the form of "MOOC + live class" by combining online asynchronous and online synchronous. The teaching evaluation of students shows that the mode can effectively improve the teaching quality and promote the in-depth development of course teaching reform.


Online teaching, Blended teaching, MOOC, Fundamentals of computer, Computational Thinking


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