An Analysis and Discussion of Vertical Video Production

Xue-yu CHEN, Zhi-hai YE


Watching videos has already become a daily routine for people due to the wide spread of mobile internet techniques. For professional video makers, the study of the academic theory on vertical video production is becoming a necessity. The research of vertical video making takes video production as the starting point, and then studies its similarities and differences compared with horizontal video format in the aspect of developing process, story-telling, production, audio-visual language, viewing experience and broadcasting, etc. to find a good way to transform the two formats into each other in the era when coexistence of these two formats is prevalent, and to promote higher artistic value of vertical video products. Currently, the research of video production in vertical format is still on an early stage, with only a few basic theories but mostly industry practice. Producers and media platforms still hold a relatively conservative view towards large-scale vertical video for film and television works. Therefore, film and television practitioners should learn the new subjects to understand the developing process of vertical video format, to analyze the characteristics and drawbacks of its production, to speculate the trend of long vertical video format, to correctly predict the direction of video aspect ratio, and to determine the best way to deal with the short and long video production in their making process.


Vertical video, Landscape orientation video, Image structure, Vertical shooting; Horizontal shooting with vertical cutting, Audio -Visual language


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