Pipeline Resistance Analysis and Optimization Design of Marine Power Generation Equipment Based on Finite Element Analysis

Fang-yan REN


With the continuous development and progress of human society, the demand for energy consumption continues to increase. Meanwhile, due to the large amount of pollution emissions caused by the use of fossil energy, the ecological balance of the earth and human living environment have been seriously damaged. At present, the shortage of fossil fuel stock and serious pollution have seriously hindered the development of human society, so we urgently need a source of energy with high reserves and low air pollution. The Marine energy represented by wave energy and ocean current energy has attracted people's attention because of its rich reserves, safety and pollution-free advantages. Due to the use of hydraulic transmission in the process of wave energy, the energy loss of liquid in the transmission process will become the main factor affecting the performance of power generation device. Through the analysis and optimization of pipeline resistance, the performance and energy conversion efficiency of the entire power generation system can be effectively improved. Through the hydraulic and finite element analysis of the main pipeline of a domestic wave power generation simulator, the fluid performance and energy loss in the pipeline are analyzed, and the optimal design of the pipeline is carried out on the basis of the analysis. Through this design, the energy utilization rate can be effectively improved, and at the same time, it provides certain reference significance for future design.


Finite element Analysis, Pipeline fluid performance, Optimization design


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