Research on Nighttime Cultural Consumption in Beijing: A Case Study of the Crosstalk Show

Wen-jing FAN, Yu WANG


In 2019, Beijing issued "13 Items of Nighttime Economy", the nighttime economy showed unprecedented vitality. With the growth of people's cultural consumption demands, the proportion of nighttime culture consumption is increasing. Beijing is rich in cultural performance resources, most of which are concentrated at night. Artistic performances is an important part of the consumption at night. Among the performances, crosstalk is highly entertaining, close to the masses, and the vitality continues to increase. But now, there is no relevant research on nighttime crosstalk performance. In order to further promote the consumption of crosstalk at night, this paper used questionnaire survey to understand consumers' cognition, consumption psychology and consumption behavior of crosstalk. And through the on-the-spot inspection of the crosstalk theater, the paper summed up the obstacles of the crosstalk consumption at night. On this basis, the paper put forward suggestions from the aspects of crosstalk art creation, industry supervision, business format expansion, nighttime public service, etc.


Nighttime economy, Cultural consumption, Beijing, Crosstalk show


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