The Construction and Performance Measurement of Government Wechat Content Under the Fusionmedia

Hong LI, Ping SONG, Pan FU


As a party media who disseminating important positions of national ideology, national spirit and fundamental policy, in the face of marginalized WeChat official account, how to use WeChat public number to promote its influence and discourse power and build more accepted articles is the focus of this paper. This article compares and analyzes the contents of the three WeChat official account of "Guangzhou daily", "Qingdao daily" and "grand view news". Through combing the construction and performance of news content in WeChat's dissemination, this paper explores the changes of news media characteristics caused by social media's involvement in traditional media, with a view to exploring the content construction and influence factors of government WeChat's pushing articles.


Government Wechat, Wechat Communication Index, Media Content Analysis


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