Reliability and Validity of the Internet Fiction Reading Motivation Scale for Chinese Adolescence

Dong-jing ZHANG, Zong-kui ZHOU, Zhi-chun LEI


This study aimed to investigate the construct of the Internet fiction reading motivation scale for Adolescents, and examine its reliability and validity in Chinese adolescence. 747 adolescence finished the prior scale to complete exploratory analysis and 1648 adolescents completed the final scale and the criterion scale for confirmatory analysis. Exploratory analysis and confirmatory analysis supported the three-dimension model of the scale, the internal consistency coefficients of the total scale and three dimensions were 0.91, 0.81, 0.82 and 0.83 respectively. There were significant positive correlations between the total score, three dimensions and Internet fiction frequency and type. In conclusion, The Internet fiction reading motivation scale is a reliable and valid scale for assessing fiction reading motivation in Chinese adolescence.


Internet fiction reading motivation, Adolescence, Reliability, Validity


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