A Literature Review and Prospect of Religious Commitment Studies

Lang ZHOU, Wei WEI, Yuan MA


As a concept that reflects the believer's degree of faith in sacred objects, religious commitment constitutes the psychological basis of individual religious life. This article systematically combs the current status of Chinese and foreign studies of religious commitment, and finds that Chinese scholars' researches mostly take a culturally specific stand to make a priori judgment on the religious commitment of Chinese believers, which has produced the myths of "religious devotion" and "religious peculiarism". Western religious commitment studies have mostly carried out rich empirical studies on three types of topics: "measurement of religious commitment ", "religious commitment as dependent variable" and "religious commitment as independent variable". In the future, China's religious commitment research should fully absorb the existing empirical results in the West, actively explore local issues, and strengthen the integration and interaction between different disciplines.


Religious commitment, Cultural judgment, Empirical perspective, Research prospect


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