Strategies on the Benefit Sharing perspective of Preventive Resettlement Sustainable Development

Zi-jiang HU, Guo-qing SHI


In the process of Preventive Resettlement, the stakeholders of all parties have multiple interest correlations in resource allocation, profit and loss impact, risk taking and so on. Based on the benefit-sharing perspective, this paper constructs an evaluation index system for sustainable development of livelihoods of Preventive Resettlement. Selecting the case of disaster-avoiding immigrants in Chongqing. Empirical research using network analysis method, combining the Livelihood Environment of Resettlement, Analysis from five dimensions of human capital, financial capital, social capital, material capital and natural capital. Propose reasonable strategies for sustainable development of Resettlement livelihoods.


Benefit sharing, Sustainable development, Preventive resettlement, Strategy


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