On Promotional Effect of Thailand on ASEAN Political Stand

Ling LI


Thailand, one of founders of ASEAN, is the center of Southeast Asia in geography. From the foundation of ASEAN to 21st century, Thailand is always devoting to promoting peace and neutralization of ASEAN. Thailand, based on its own experience from two world wars, provides ASEAN a conductive strategy to foreign policy. The historical line to study Thailand’s influence on ASEAN will clearly reveal the relationship between Thailand and ASEAN members. The peace and stable political environment guarantees the solid base for the development of Thailand, which play a positive role model for ASEAN development. The findings will be helpful for China’s “The Belt and Road Initiative” conducted in the Southeast Asia area. Maintaining a good cooperation with Thailand will also benefit Sino-ASEAN. Therefore, the study on the promotional effect of Thailand on ASEAN political stand is meaningful.


Thailand, ASEAN, ASEAN Integration


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