Practice of Virtual Simulation Experiment on Principle of Computer Organization

Shi-ting WEN, Wei ZHENG, Chao-yan ZHU


The sudden "CONVID-19" epidemic in early 2020 has a great impact on social economic life and school teaching, and also puts forward higher requirements for online teaching and distance teaching. Benefiting from the development of modern communication technology, Internet technology, and software computing, online video recording and live broadcast courses are already very convenient, providing great convenience for theoretical courses. However, the principle of computer composition is a course with both principle and practice. How to effectively carry out the practical teaching of the principle of computer composition presents a huge challenge. This article discusses the organization of a practical experiment course of computer composition principle, virtual simulation the release of content gives a feasible solution. Exploring how to adapt to local conditions and the full-scene student training model, this achievement has been practiced for a period of time in the teaching of computer composition courses in ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities. It has achieved good results and has strong universal value.


Virtual simulation, Computer organization, Online learning


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