On the Improvement and Reflection of the Flexible Working System of Public Officials in "Epidemic Situation"

Xue-hui WANG


After the public health emergency, it has promoted the development of the flexible work system of public officials, accelerated the ability of public officials to respond quickly and arrange work tasks flexibly in the "epidemic situation", and accelerated the pace of improving the flexible work system of public officials in China. It is of great significance to study the experience and deficiency of the flexible working system of public officials in the epidemic situation. Therefore, based on the flexible work system, this paper studies the scope and limitations of the implementation of the flexible work system for public officials in the "epidemic" in China, and further puts forward suggestions for the improvement of the flexible work system in the "epidemic" public sector. With the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control work ongoing, party and government organs and institutions began to implement flexible work system. According to the spirit of the notice of the general office of the State Council on extending the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 (Guo Ban Fa FA Dian [2020] No. 1), all kinds of financial institutions and financial infrastructure related institutions will go to work normally from February 3, 2020.According to the notice, all units can implement flexible work system, flexibly adjust the rest time, take rotation and wrong time to work, or use the network office mode to work at home, so as to reduce the number of people as much as possible. During the period of "epidemic", the flexible working system adopted by the public sector is a new management method adopted by the government.


Novel Coronavirus, Public Sector, Flexible Working System


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