Problems and Suggestions of Rural E-commerce in Rural Revitalization

Xian-ji WANG, Sheng-yao SUN


In today's society, the problems about Rural Revitalization become the hot topic, the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy is of great significance to rural development. With the popularization of mobile Internet, the development of rural e-commerce meets an unprecedented new opportunity under the strategic requirements of revitalizing rural areas. The development of rural e-commerce has made great contribution to solving the "three rural" problems. In the process of self-development of rural electric business, there are still many problems under the constraints of various conditions. Understanding the current situation of rural e-commerce development and problems encountered, this paper puts forward relevant countermeasures, in order to achieve the vigorous development of rural e-commerce.


Rural revitalization, The "three rural issues", Internet, Rural e-commerce


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