The Improvement Approach and Evolution Logic of China's Villager Autonomy System—Content Analysis Based on 184 Policy Texts

Shu-wang ZHANG, Qiu-ting YANG, Can ZHAI, Jeff WANG


Based on the content analysis of 184 villager autonomy system policy texts, using the ROST and NVivo software, through keyword screening, construction of analysis dimension, policy text encoding, and statistics of code coverage, the evolution logic of China's villager autonomy system from 1987 to 2017 was examined from four "democracies" and levels dimensions. The results show that in the 30 years of the development of the villager autonomy system in China, the attention on democratic management has declined, and that on democratic supervision has increased. Local departments have paid more attention to democratic elections than national departments, which has led to deviation of policy implementation.


Village self-governance, Policy text, Content analysis, Rural governance


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