Exploration and Practice of College-Bureau Cooperative Order-style Talent Training Model



The Order-style talent training model can effectively improve the quality of personnel training and enhance the practical ability of students. But at present, there are still some problems in the cooperation between the college and the bureau, such as the top-level design is not in place, the role positioning is not clear, the path of collaborative is not clear, and there are not enough dual teachers. Nanjing Forest Police College and the Customs Anti-Smuggling Bureau jointly launched an order-style of anti-smuggling training. The two sides discuss the scale of talent training, formulate a plan for talent training, manage the process of talent training, and jointly control the quality of talent training. Through various forms of cooperation, the two sides are deeply integrated, sharing resources and sharing responsibilities, giving full play to their respective effectiveness, and creating distinctive police talent training models.


College-Bureau Cooperation, Order-style Talent Training Model, Suppress Smuggling


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