On the Reform of the Course Stratified Examination Based on the Characteristics of Higher Vocational Students

Da-yongOn the Reform of the Course Strat UO


Under the background of popular education in higher education institutions, the trend of enrollment system reform and diversification of students sources in higher vocational colleges is intensifying, and the differences of students' learning and ability level are becoming larger and larger. Many new characteristics have emerged in Higher Vocational students' learning and classroom. In order to adapt to the characteristics of the current higher vocational students, improve the learning effect and give full play to the functions of the examination, this paper breaks the routine, applies the examination according to their aptitude, actively innovates the method of the course examination, and summarizes the method of the course stratified examination suited to the characteristics of the students. This method is suitable for the learning needs of students at different levels, allows students to have greater autonomy and selectivity, and is conducive to the improvement of teaching quality.


Higher vocational education, Students, Stratified examination, Reform


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