Research and Strategies on the Prevention of Speculative Teaching Behaviors in the New National Teachers’ Qualification Examination

Zhi-min LUO, Ya-li ZHANG


There are two sections—written examination and interview—in the new National Teachers’ Qualification Examination. However, the speculative education teaching behavior, a general term of utilitarian education and teaching behavior with the fundamental purpose of successfully passing the interview section and finally obtaining the National Teachers’ Qualification Certificate, lies in the interview section, and it is a false presentation of education and teaching ability. This paper lists some typical speculative teaching behaviors in interview section, analyzes the main reasons lying in the time and space limitation, imperfect evaluation mechanism, harmful guidance of training institutions and competition between non-normal students, and gives some preventive strategies including strengthening the cultivation of practical ability of pre-service teachers; setting corresponding thresholds for non-normal candidates; adding assessment and evaluation of examinees’ growth records; guiding normatively training behavior of training institutions; increasing vocational guidance and psychological guidance.


the National Teachers’ Qualification Examination, Interview, The speculative education teaching behavior


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