Preliminary Exploration on Ideological and Political Teaching of Experimental Courses in Universities from the Perspective of Craftsman Spirit

Hai-Feng YANG, Wei-Jia ZHOU, Li ZHOU, Fa LIU, Hong-Yun ZHAO


The experimental course is an indispensable teaching link in the teaching activities of colleges and universities, which is conducive to cultivating students' practical innovation ability. With the rapid development of market economy, the teaching mode of colleges and universities is facing more opportunities and challenges. It also needs to take experimental courses more seriously. From the perspective of craftsman spirit, this paper discusses the importance of craftsman spirit to students' development and the development status of craftsman spirit in the current experimental courses, as well as how to integrate the craftsman spirit into the ideological and political teaching of experimental courses, so as to provide some help for improving the quality of experimental courses.


Craftsman spirit; Experimental courses; Ideological and political teaching; Mode innovation


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