Research on the Training Mode of Postgraduate Based on the Triple Helix Structure of Subject Characteristics, Industry Characteristics and Regional Characteristics-Taking Environmental Engineering in XUST as an Example

Shi-Jie SONG, Yu-Ling ZHANG, Hua-Dong DU, Wen-Jie NIE, Zhe JIA


Taking Xi'an University of science and technology as an example, this paper summarized the key problems existing in the cultivation of postgraduate majored environmental engineering. The training mode of postgraduate majored environmental engineering based on the Triple Helix structure of subject characteristics, industry characteristics, and regional characteristics was constructed on the basis of analyzing the characteristics of the university in subjects, industries and regions. It hopes to provide the same guidance for education reform of postgraduate majored environmental engineering in XUST and similar universities.


Subject characteristics; Industry characteristics; Regional characteristics; Environment engineering; Training mode


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