A Study on the Bidirectional Drive between the Chinese Women Volleyball Team’s New Developing Trends of Competitive Level and New Models of Physical Fitness Training—Women Volleyball’ s Competition Results in the Recent Four Olympic Games as an Example

Bin LONG, Fang LI, Li-Qing ZHANG, Wen-Wen XIE, De-Long LIU, Gen LI


With methods of the literature researches, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, a comparative study is carried out to analyze the important competition data of the recent four Olympic Games (from the 28th to the 31st) which Chinese women’s volleyball team and other strong world women volleyball teams (Brazil, Russia, America and Cuba) once took part in. The study finds out that the new developing trend of the world’s five strong women volleyball teams’ competitiveness shows mainly in the following two aspects: the training of the world women volleyball tending to be more masculine and the increasing proportion of serving points in the world women volleyball competitions. Meanwhile, it also verifies the three new models for the construction of Chinese women volleyball players’ physical fitness training: the athlete’s individual excellence to the sports team’s overall excellence; the understanding of the construction and deconstruction of volleyball technical models based on the tradition and innovation of volleyball tactics; the construction of the scientificalness of physical fitness training, according to the individuality of athletes, the characteristics of specific sports events and the comprehensiveness of sports events. In the end, it points out that the two-way complementary between the new developing trends of competitive level and the new model of physical fitness training Chinese women volleyball’s teams is the key to further enhance Chinese women’s volleyball team’s competitive level.


China; Women’s volleyball; Competitive level; The new trend; Physical fineness training; The new model; The drive


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