A Research on ICT Curriculum Co-construction under the Framework of School-enterprise Cooperation



The rapid changes in ICT technology have made it necessary for industry talents to constantly adapt to technology updates, and meanwhile, continuous integration and collaboration of business further strengthen the comprehensive requirements for talents. Application-oriented colleges and universities guided by vocational needs and based on engineering scene, need to carry out teaching design, aiming at developing professional job skills in line with market demand. The core content of the curriculum co-construction of school-enterprise cooperation includes the construction of practical talent training system, related standard of education and teaching, faculties of “dual abilities”, high-level practice base, certification training as well as curriculum and employment docking platform. During this process, enterprises can help colleges and universities create application-oriented curricula and promote the deep curriculum transformation of colleges and universities in talent training, professional teaching, quality education and human resource service with the close connection between professional education and regional industry development, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of industry-teaching integration.


ICT, Curriculum co-construction, School-enterprise cooperation, Path choiceText


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