The Influence of Enterprise Social Capital on the Transformation Performance under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Yi-qing YANG, Shao-bo MOU, Kai-shun XING


At present, with the explosive growth of information, environmental uncertainty and complexity are becoming more and more obvious. The combination of enterprises and the Internet is the only way to deal with the dilemma, but also to alleviate the various disadvantages caused by information asymmetry. The Internet has made the original industrial structure, industry environment and other significant changes, the sustainable development of enterprises has become an urgent problem to be solved, the traditional enterprises bear the brunt. However, no enterprise can complete the Internet transformation by itself, and it must strengthen the connection with external subjects to obtain the necessary resources for the transformation. Therefore, based on the research background of "Internet +", this study will explore the influence mechanism between corporate social capital and corporate transformation performance. The new interpretation of social capital theory through "Internet +" is also of great significance to management practice.


"Internet plus", Enterprise social capital, Transformation performance


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