Construction and Practice of an Excellent Grass-Roots Level Teaching Units in Colleges and Universities

Liangwen Wang, Hongwei Li, Wenliao Du, Fannian Meng, Guizhong Xie, Feng Zhao


It is of great significance to build an excellent grass-roots level teaching unit for improving a professional teaching quality and a course teaching level in colleges and universities. This paper discusses the requirements and evaluation standards for constructing an excellent grass-roots teaching units in colleges and universities from following aspects: rules and regulations construction, teaching team construction, teaching organization process, curriculum and textbook construction, teaching research, specialty construction, practical teaching, condition guarantee and talent cultivation ability. Combined with relevant standards, a practical process of building an excellent grass-roots teaching unit is discussed for the Department of Light Industry Machine, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Related works of constructing an excellent grass-roots teaching unit for the Department of Light Industry Machinery, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, improves the specialty construction level and provides reference for the construction of peer units in colleges and universities.


University education, Excellent grass-roots level teaching units, Construction requirements, Evaluation standards, Construction practice


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