Research of Numerical Methods for Engineering Course with New Engineering Feature

Guizhong Xie, Minmin Wei, Huan Xie, Hongwei Li, Feng Zhao, Hao Li


This paper focuses on the course teaching system reform for numerical methods for engineering with new engineering feature. The course of numerical methods for engineering has strong theoretical knowledge, complicated experiments and calculation, which is difficult to active the students' attention. Thus the existing curriculum system should be reformed. Take the course of numerical methods for engineering in Light industrial mechanics department for example. Firstly, based on the teaching idea, strengthen the process of the students in school education. Introduce interaction between students and teachers; promote initiative of students, continuous improvement to achieve leapfrogging. Secondly, improve the teaching methods and means. Breaks the traditional teaching mode and emphasizes students' participation consciousness. Put the students in the central position of classroom teaching and fundamentally change the students' class status. Then, design the teaching content, the course can be divided into several modules to give lectures and arrange discussion between students and teachers. Fourthly, modularize method and continuous improvement is applied in our teaching thoroughly, and guide the students to participate in teaching processing actively. Finally, establish a perfect assessment way, sum up experience timely, and constantly revise and improve our reform. With these, a good start can be made for the reform for numerical methods for engineering in new engineering education.


Teaching reform, Students-oriented, Numerical methods for engineering course


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