Effects of Permeability Coefficient on Deformation and Stability of the Rock Bank Slope

Zhi-gang YU, Yong-gang MO, Bo-lin JIANG, Ke YIN


In order to examine the effects of permeability coefficient on deformation and stability of high steep bank slope, this thesis is set in the reservoir water fluctuation project of one high steep bank slope, uses a series of Geo-Studio finite element analysis software to make two-dimensional numerical simulation tests under two conditions in case of reservoir water slow change, studies the influence of permeability coefficient in continuous water levels fluctuation throughout the process on deformation and stability of bank slope, and mainly analyzes its impact effect on deformation and displacement of slope rock mass, “approximate creeping” and bank slope safety factor. The results show that the increase in permeability coefficient has a relatively small displacement influence on all observation points along X, Y direction, in continuous water levels fluctuation throughout the process, the greater permeability coefficient of rock mass near the slope at each stage means the smaller safety coefficient of bank slope.


Bank slope, Fluid-solid interaction, Deformation, Stability


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