The Importance of Religion in Completing and Improving Society Administration—The Necessity of Management of Religious Affair Based on the Rule of Law

Yun WANG, Bi YAN, Peng NAI


Modernization of national administrative system and abilities are a major objective of China’s full and deepened reform. Materialized and non-materialized administrations are two basic approaches on social administration. Religion as an existing, non-materialized social structure has undeniable value in social administration. The thesis analyses the challenge and goal of China’s social administrative layout in the New Era, from the perspective of basic social administration, compares material and non-material administrative methods, through the effect of religion on maintaining social moral order, the need for China’s cultural soft power to combine with the wisdom and positive force of religion, and religion benefits building social trust and preventing social crisis, in order to elaborate on the importance of religion on improving society administrative system. The development of a society is fundamentally based on whether it has qualified motivational and balance mechanisms or not. In order to have sustainable development and ordered operation, Socialism with Chinese feature must coordinate motivational and balance mechanisms. Without motivational mechanism, socialism with Chinese features would lack of inner motivation necessary for making progress; while without balance mechanism the development loses harmony, stability and sustainability. The current major conflict of Chinese society has transformed from “a conflict between people’s growing material, cultural need and fall-behind social productivity” into “a conflict between people’s growing quality life need and uneven, incomplete development.” [1] The demands on improving democracy, legal management, fairness, justice, safety and environment are high. In order to respond to these needs and solve new social conflicts, the society management has to become strengthened and more creative while the abilities to manage the society has to increase in order to keep the society orderly and harmoniously.


Religion, Society Administration, Society Administrative System, Material Administration, Non-material Administration


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