Research on Nanjing Citizens’ NIMBY Towards New Generation of Migrant Workers

Yu-Yao ZHU, Zheng-Rong XU, Yu-Lun WU, Si-Min XU, Zhi-Wen XIAO, Qian YOU, Zi-Wei ZHAO


It has been forty years since China started reform and began the policy of opening up, and China’s urbanization has sprung up. There’s a grain of truth that large numbers of rural residents are flooding into city, but it misses the big picture: They are excluded in economy, equal rights, social relations, culture and so on, among other things, they cannot be in citizen’s life and a real citizen. It’s the core reason for new generation of migrant worker to dwell in Nanjing and turn to be a real citizen. This paper will compare the depth and breadth about Nanjing citizens’ NIMBY toward new generation of migrant workers with investigation, research and data analysis, besides, from the view of demographic variables, social status and social relationships. In addition, identity disapproval has contributed to Nanjing citizen’s NIMBY to new generation of migrant worker. On the basis of conclusion, proposals from this paper bound, one of which is to strengthen social guidance for government to speed up urbanization.


Nanjing Citizen, NIMBY, City Integration


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