To Deeply Explore the Problems and Countermeasures in the Assessment of Middle-Level Leaders in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Guo-Dong ZHAO, Jing JIANG


The problem of middle managers’ assessment in colleges and universities is related to the institution building of the university and its ability to develop healthily. At present, there are many problems in the middle managers’ examination of colleges and universities in China. For example, most colleges lack a systematic assessment concept, ignoring the differentiation of assessment objects and the specificity of assessment methods; the assessment subjects lack comprehensiveness and scientificity; the assessment feedback link is not sound; the assessment results are low in credibility and inadequately applied. To this end, colleges and universities need to establish correct assessment concepts, formulate systematic assessment systems, formulate detailed and specific indicators, promote communication and understanding between assessment subjects, strengthen information feedback work of assessment results, and strengthen assessment results’ use. There is no performance management in the absence of performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is a realistic problem faced by governments at all levels in China. University performance appraisal has always been an important indicator for colleges and universities to evaluate the efficiency of university staff. The assessment of middle-level managers is a constant concern of colleges and universities. Studying and solving the performance appraisal of middle-level cadres is an effective way to improve the management performance of colleges and universities. Based on the problems existing in the current middle school assessment, this paper proposes specific measures to solve the existing problems, and further studies the theoretical evaluation of middle-level cadres in colleges and universities.


Colleges and Universities, Middle Managers’ Assessment, Problems, Countermeasures


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