Research and Exploration on the 2.0 Construction of Educational Informationization in Higher Vocational Colleges

Guo-Can REN, Xian-Bo ZHOU


In order to carry out the nineteen spirit of the Party in depth, speed up the modernization of education and the construction of education power, and promote the development of education information in the new era, the "2.0 action plan for education information" put forward by the Ministry of Education is officially issued in April 13, 2018. This is not a simple change of data. It is an upgrade of educational information. This article, from the main line of talent training in higher vocational colleges, expounds the construction ideas of education information 2.0 in higher vocational colleges, and provides the direction and strategy for the construction of the 2.0 construction of education information in higher vocational colleges.


Educational Informationization, Digital Campus, Vocational Education, Network


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