Study on Tourism Situation in Shannxi Province and Its Countermeasures

Xiao-juan CAI, Ning TIAN, Jiang-li YANG


Tourism industry is a traditional pillar industry in Shaanxi province. In recent years, the tourism industry in Shaanxi Province has developed rapidly. The number of tourist attractions has increased to 418, meanwhile, the number of scenic spots which have reached the 3A and 4A grades has accelerated, but there are still some problems such as the lack of unified planning in tourism service level and derivative souvenir development, negative external effects on tourism and information asymmetry in tourism Market. To promote the development of tourism industry, we must create a good social atmosphere and shape a clear tourism image. We also need to establish a professional and standardized model, do a good job in marketing and publicity for tourism, develop the tourism industry intelligently, set up a reasonable rewarding and punishment system, guide both sides of the tourism industry, strive for transparency in tourism information, and propel the tourism industry to have a sustainable development with innovation-driven ways.


Shaanxi province, Tourism industry, Problems, Countermeasures


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