Comprehensive Analysis of the Hu-Bao-E-Yu Urban Agglomeration Traffic Network

Zhu LIU, Shuai ZHAN, Yu CAO, Feng-xiao LI, Cheng-bing LI


Aiming at optimizing traffic network structure of Hu-Bao-E-Yu urban agglomeration and promoting coordinated development, this paper study the traffic network in Hu-Bao-E-Yu urban agglomeration by establishing traffic connection degree model and road network density model. Firstly, we study its composition of the internal traffic network, namely, the railway, highway and aviation network. Secondly, we analyze its external traffic network, and because it is located in the “two horizontal and three vertical” position, it has developed railway and highway network and strong traffic access ability. Finally, we construct the traffic connection degree model and road network density model based on the overall analysis. As a result, the traffic connection degree of every node city in Hu-Bao-E-Yu urban agglomeration is imbalanced. And there are not many differences on road density among the Hohhot, Baotou and Yulin, but the road density of Ordos is obviously greater than other three cities.


Traffic network, Traffic connection degree model, Road network density model


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