Investigation and Analysis on Sports Fatigue of Tennis Specialized Class Students in Wuhan Institute of Physical Education

Gen Li


Since the 1980s, many scholars have studied fatigue from physiological and biochemical aspects. Exercise fatigue is a physiological phenomenon caused by exercise stimulation. It reflects the tolerance of the body to exercise stimulation. It is a positive process for the body to regulate its own activities and has an alarming effect on the body's activities. Because of its appearance, it can reduce the intensity of exercise, or even stop the movement, in order to prevent excessive consumption of substances in the body and damage to the body function. The high intensity and high load of modern tennis training and competition will inevitably lead to sports fatigue. Energy consumption and lactic acid accumulation in muscle and blood are the main causes of tennis players' fatigue. How to eliminate fatigue quickly is the prerequisite for athletes to adapt to high-intensity training and competition. Starting from the characteristics and main diagnostic methods of tennis sport fatigue, combining with the principles of sport fatigue recovery, this paper will provide constructive suggestions for tennis athletes sport fatigue physical recovery by using the methods of pedagogy, nutrition, psychology, medicine and biology. Fatigue judgment and recovery is an important part of modern sports, and also an important factor affecting training effect and competition results. Aiming at the characteristics of athletic tennis players' fatigue, this paper investigates and analyses the sports fatigue and recovery of tennis players in the special tennis class of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education by using the methods of literature, expert interview, questionnaire and mathematical statistics. By using the theory of sports physiology, the mechanism, diagnosis and recovery methods of exercise physiology were discussed preliminarily. In order to improve tennis players' performance, improve the quality of training and grasp the law of training.


Tennis sport, Exercise fatigue, Physical recovery


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