International Student Mobility: Policy and Implications in Chinese Higher Education

Yasir Khan, Bin QIU, Xi-song ZHANG, Ming-yi WANG


China is emerging as a new destination for higher education sector over the past 10 years, as a result of its growing economy great research facilities and a warm welcoming culture. The influx of international students into the Chinese institutions of higher education has exponentially increased over the past years. To understand the short-term movement and contentment of the international students undertaking various courses in Chinese universities, a research was conducted to identify the source of contentment. It was a quantity-based research which entailed the use of questionnaires to collect data from a sample of 772 students distributed in 26 major universities in China. First, we used an exploratory factor analysis to identify the important factors from a range of variables. Thereof a logistic regression was used to identify the factors that determine the overall international student's satisfaction. As a result, a number of themes came up such as financial aid, living conditions, and service facilities. This research reveals how the determination to foster international student satisfaction and their increasing numbers as well as retention through improvement of these factors.


International students, Higher Education, Policy and Implication, Academic mobility, Logit-probit regression.


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