A Review for Mobile Commerce Research and Service

Shan DU


There is no doubt that the use of wireless andmobile networks and devices is growing. From the1990s onwards, we have been witnessing a great shift in methods of doing business with the emergence of the electronic commerce (e-commerce). Academics, businesses, and even individuals have been focusing on this new way of conducting business online. Advanced and mature wireless and mobile technologies facilitate e-commerce conducted from a wired network to a wireless network. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) can be viewed as a subset of e-commerce and refers to bany transaction with monetary value that is conducted via a mobile network .When users conduct e-commerce such as e-banking or purchase products, they do not need to use a personal computer system. Indeed, they can simply use some mobile handheld devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and mobile phones to conduct various e-commerce activities. In the past, these mobile devices or technologies were regarded as a kind of luxury for individuals. However, this situation has changed. The market for mobile technologies has seen significant growth in the past few years. This is creating a new opportunity for the growth of m-commerce. According to a study conducted by Datamonitor, global m-commerc revenues will amount to $131.7 billion by 2017.


Mobile commerce; CiteSpace; Knowledge mapping; Information model


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