Research on the Cultivation Model of Cross-border E-commerce in Vocational Education under the Background of Internet +

Bing HAN


The growth rate of China's traditional trade has slowed down and cross-border e-commerce develops rapidly, but the serious shortage of cross-border e-commerce talent has become a key constraint to the development of cross-border e-commerce industry in China. However, the training of cross-border electric talents in our country is late and the mode is not perfect. Therefore, it is urgent to train the compound cross-border e-commerce talents to meet the needs of the development of enterprises. Based on the successful experience of vocational education in developed countries, this paper innovates in the new mode of training cross-border e-commerce talents, and integrates government, business, schools and enterprises into the training process of cross-border e-commerce talents, comprehensively improves the training quality of cross-border e-commerce talents.


Vocational education; Cross-border e-commerce; Talent training mode


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