Management Openness and Employee Voice Behavior: An Integrated Perspective of Decision-Making Calculation and Prosocial Motivation

Yue ZHU, Cai-ling ZHU


Through the paired questionnaire survey method, 521 employees and 75 leaders were investigated, and the mechanism of management openness and employees' voice behavior was discussed. The results of cross-level analysis show that management openness has a significant positive impact on employees' self-esteem based on organization; organizational self-esteem plays a mediating role between management openness and voice behavior; employee prosocial motivation is based on organizational self-esteem and the moderation between the behaviors of the prophecy, that is, the stronger the prosocial motivation of the employees, the weaker the relationship between the self-esteem and the behavior of the organization based on the organization


Management openness, Voice behavior, Organizational self-esteem, Prosocial motivation, Cross-level research


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