Design of Aircraft Safety Monitoring System

Zhijie Zhao, Xi Long, Weikai Xu


With the improvement of the level of the technology, the safety of aircraft has received more and more attention. In order to better monitor the aircraft safety, a Beidou-based aircraft safety monitoring system was designed. The main factors affecting the safety of the aircraft were obtained through cluster analysis. The system used BMP180, MPU9250 HS-FS01 and DHT11 to monitor the air pressure, altitude, attitude angle, acceleration, wind speed, temperature and humidity of the aircraft's position. It used the GPS/BDS dual-mode positioning module to accurately and timely synchronize the space and time of the aircraft, using the fuzzy analysis to comprehensively assess the safety status of the aircraft, using WIFI/GSM/GPRS switchable wireless network to send the acquired information to the PC monitoring software. The hardware and software design of the system are studied, and the test results are given. The results show that the system can accurately monitor the status information of the aircraft and comprehensively evaluate the safe working coefficient of the aircraft.


aircraft safety monitoring; BeiDou satellite navigation system; cluster analysis; fuzzy analysis; WIFI/GPRS/GSM wireless communication; PC monitoring


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